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Places you love,

People that matter.

i-raave app in hand on ios
i-raave app in hand on ios

Follow your real friends

With i-raave, follow your friends and colleagues to discover the magical places they've recommended. See real reviews from people you trust when visiting a new city, all in your hands.

Connect with friends around the world

Why i-raave?

Reviews that Matter

From People that Care

Share the places you love with people that matter
Share your favourite spot to watch the sunset
Share your favourite placs in the world

Share what matters

Discover and share magical spots instantly with i-raave! Recommend your favorite places to friends and support amazing small businesses in seconds.

Share your favourite spot to watch the sunset
Create themed lists of your best spots around the city


With i-raave, creating and sharing lists of places to visit is simple. Share Sammy's guide to Singapore, Tom’s top campgrounds in Europe, or Rory’s best pitch and putt courses in England with just a web link—no app download needed. Share your favorites, and they'll love you for it!

Create themed lists of your best spots around the city

For influencers

Domain expertise takes time to build and can be even harder to monetise. We want you to build your own traffic
and earn from your own subscribers!

i-raave abstract shapes image
i-raave abstract shapes image

For business

Activate your most enthusiastic customers & their networks!

Sometimes everything just clicks for your customers. With

i-raave you know that whenever possible they will refer their nearest and dearest to your establishment! 

Love using iRaave to store all my favourite spots around the city. Its really easy to share these places now with my relatives who come from abroad and want to find out what I love doing around the city

Mati Remi

Head of Design @

i-raave is an incredible way to travel the world, or even your locality.
You can send up flares if you need recommendations on anything really -gardens, parks, pubs, restaurants, villages... .
I like that I can get into the specifics of what I like, I am that kind of person! I don't think any other App offers this. You are able to focus in with absolute specificity which leads to a very unique experience.
I love that I can also document my travels or specific garden adventures around the world & share these with friends, family or connect with fellow nerds globally!
There is no negativity, just utter positivity. This is powerful.

Mary, Financial Executive & Gardener, Galway

I have spent much of my career working abroad, in Asia and Europe. I started creating raavelists in i-raave, which meant I could do away with the email and notepad files I used to keep. raavelists are great, as you can share them in a cinch.

Marketing Consultant, Liverpool, UK


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