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Every now and again, we happen across a magical spot, a great restaurant, a beautiful walk, a place that makes us feel great. With i-raave you can share that magical spot in 2 1/2 seconds, a review that will guide your friends should they happen to be visiting the area. Imagine rewarding that amazing small business by suggesting to your network the place you found.

Share what matters

Amazing city skyline view
Share your favourite places with the people that matter
Share your favourite places in the world on i-raave

With i-raave, you can follow your actual friends and colleagues to discover the magical places that they have “raaved” about. Imagine visiting a new city and looking at all the great places your friends have discovered. Real reviews by actual people you know and trust, privately and in your hands.

Follow your
“real” friends

Curate the best of what your friends find with your own wishlists. Start building a list of those places you think you might like to check out & build out your next adventure!

Create your
own “wishlists”

Create wishlists of the places you would like to visit
Discover amazing places across any country

Wherever you find yourself, you can pull up a real time map and see what is near you that may be of interest, see all the raaves of your network, limit them by person or by type.

Map out your day

Need suggestions for an upcoming trip? get inspired by posting a flare. A flare is a call for suggestions to your network. It is your request for ideas to help you make the most of a trip you are about to embark
on. Flares are great to get answers and inspiration from your network.

Send an i-raave Flare

receive recommendations from your friends for specific locations.
create themed lists to share with friends and family.

With i-raave making a raave-list of places to checkout is easy. It could be Sam's guide to Singapore - where to stay, shop, eat and play! Or Tom’s Favourite Family Campgrounds in Europe. Share a list whenever you meet someone who is planning to visit one of your favourite cities or countries. Share with a web link, so no need to connect or even download the app. Show them what you love, and they will love you for it!

Loved it,
then raave-list it.

Ready to raave?


Your privacy is everything to us. Most modern social media platforms will actively sell your data to the highest bidder and limit the information you see and are given to digest. Not at i-raave; your data is your data. We will study how users raave and what they raave to draw broad conclusions as to what is trending. What you see is what your network finds and
posts. We won’t manipulate your feed to show you endless content keeping you trapped just so we can commoditise your attention with advertisements.
You matter to us, as does your time.

Privacy by design

your data is private and secure.
mobile device that has i-raave installed

Share every raave, every raave-list, every wishlist and every flare with your network on any platform as widely as you wish!

You can share everywhere

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